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6th Annual CREative Thinkers Awards
February 19, 2014
Charlotte, NC

Watch the videos of the 2014 CREative Thinkers Awards Honorees:

A rare and candid interview with billionaire David Murdock about his brainchild: The North Carolina Research Campus in Kannapolis, NC. It is facilitating researchers from 8 learning institutions with its beautiful facilities- and will benefit humankind for generations to come through discoveries about disease and health. Congratulations to the Counselors of Real Estate CREative Thinker: David Murdock

Take a look within the $18M Rogers Science & Health building on the Queens University and be amazed! The thought processes behind the building that blends so well with its 100 year old campus. Growing in a smart, environmentally respectful way.. a huge boon to Charlotte and Queens students for years to come. Congratulations to the Counselors of Real Estate CREative Thinkers Award Winners: Dr. Pamela Davies and Bill Nichols

Feast your eyes on Project ONE - a mixed use urban infill project in the heart of downtown Greenville SC-- and then listen to the passion behind it. Bob Hughes took $100M and reenergized downtown Greenville with retail, office, university, bank headquarters -- and even some parking.

"We only do projects now that matter."

Such an inspiration! Congratulations to the Counselors of Real Estate CREative Thinkers Award Honoree: Bob Hughes"

These awards are aimed at honoring leaders who touch commercial real estate by exhibiting out-of-the-box thinking; viewing obstacles and risks as opportunities for novel solutions; making cutting-edge decisions or deciding something that resulted in a paradigm shift on a subject with a local, regional, or global impact, explains Mr. Loren Kennedy, CRE, Chair of the Carolinas Chapter.

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About the Carolinas Creative Thinkers Awards

Most awards are specific, even technically oriented, and are clearly within the boundaries of one industry. The Carolinas Chapter of the Counselors of Real Estate CREative Thinkers Awards, as the name suggests, is about the way a leader thinks, so it is much broader in scope than most awards. We believe that is fitting, because what a society builds affects the way we live, work and play.

The CTA award is for thinking - not bricks and mortar per say. That is a distinction that makes us unique and the event memorable for the honoree. We show the result (i.e. the project) but focus on the vision, and the impact on commercial real estate development.

Inspiration In early 2008, Loren Kennedy, CRE™ came to a meeting of the Carolinas Chapter of the CRE™ in Charlotte. Frank Warren, CRE™, the chapter Chair, and Buck Moody, CRE™, had set an agenda to focus on developing a new chapter activity. Loren's proposal for an annual CTA or CREative Thinkers Awards event was unanimously chosen by the attendees.

Criteria for selecting Honorees who must demonstrate one or more of the following:
  • A focus and drive to accomplish something special combined with the conviction that it will work and the risks are acceptable.
  • Out-of-the box or leading edge thinking in terms of tradition or generally accepted norms.
  • Finally, they often are responsible for paradigm shifts, as evidenced by a sea of imitators that follow.

Categories The categories are open to our imaginations. We look for creative thinking across all professions that touch commercial real estate. We have honored the obvious: developers, corporate CEOs, and architects. But we have also honored the Chair of the Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioners for her leadership in public policy that has effected construction. We acknowledged the non-profit organization Victory Garden for its innovation in moral boosting of gravely ill children. We have no boundaries on categories.

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of the CREative Thinkers Awards

Winners are individuals, not projects alone, who are recognized at an annual luncheon, with attendance growing from one hundred in 2008 to almost two hundred in 2014.

Previous CTA Winners

The Creative Thinkers Awards has a long list of the Carolinas' most creative minds in commercial real estate. Click here to learn about past winners of the CTA award!

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